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Mission and Values

Our Mission

Zain seeks to be a local business strategic-communications service provider that continuously contributes positively to the public relations industry and offers clients premium communication strategies that enable them to develop their business, increase their market share, build and improve their partnerships, and increase their visibility and image in the market.

Our Values 

Client Service - We aim to be "smart" partners with our client businesses. Utilizing our expertise to objectively develop messages that resonate with clients' audiences, to ensure they hit their mark.

Quality - We take pride in producing superior work for all clients and have systems in place to ensure top-notch quality.

Integrity - We know that reliability and honesty are a must. We prescribe to an ethical and responsible approach in all we do.

Creativity - Our agency oozes with creativity. From a uniquely decorated "brainstorming" room that invokes imagination into our daily meetings to our unmatched staff. We infuse creativity into every project to achieve results that ultimately drive-up our clients' bottom line.

Enjoyment - We love what we do and it shows in our enthusiasm, energy and proactive nature. Having fun inspires creativity, which rouses fresh ideas that we take to our clients.

Contact Us

CHI Bld, 5 Floor
Almasyoun –Ramallah- Palestine 
Tel: +970 2 2955120 
Fax: +970 2 2955121 
Mail: info@zain.com.ps