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Who we are

Zain Public Relations and Business Services was established in October 2007 as a private Palestinian company. We provide professional Public Relations services such as event management, conferences, exhibitions, advertising, media services, B2B arrangements, and trading liaison services. We are working to create and enhance investment opportunities to contribute in building the Palestinian economy.

In addition, we try to create a competitive atmosphere which complies with the client’s needs and desires. Also, we develop our work according to appropriate basics in order to assist the client in entering international markets through our distinctive performance and high quality services.

Our in-house staff consists of talented and highly motivated professionals with various areas of expertise and specializations, which contributes to high levels of corporate performance and provides us with edge to be pioneers in the Palestinian market.

We are committed to providing our clients with exceptional services at reasonable prices. As a young company in the market provides us with the impetus to prove ourselves, the hunger to earn your business, and the energy to provide new fresh ideas.

We aim to be the most valuable player on our client’s team. We seek out every opportunity to help clients achieve their objectives and work together with them to achieve new goals. The following are the basic principles we adhere to:

True teamwork is working together to do what’s necessary to get the job done.

Every employee is essential.

We recognize people’s strengths and put employees on projects that best showcase their talents and lead them to succeed.

We work as a team and we win as a team.

Contact Us

CHI Bld, 5 Floor
Almasyoun –Ramallah- Palestine 
Tel: +970 2 2955120 
Fax: +970 2 2955121 
Mail: info@zain.com.ps