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Public Relations


Media Coverage – Audio, Visual & Readable

Media relations continue to be one of the most powerful tactics in Public Relations. Sustained, planned and long-term delivery of the right message to your target audience can help you gain desired market shares, sell products or services, raise awareness to maximize development and transmission of targeted messages and create a competitive advantage.

  • Media events, including facility openings and tours
  • Development of media materials, including Press releases, backgrounders, fact sheets, advisories, executive bios, question-and-answer documents and related tools
  • Letters to customers, staff, shareholders
  • News releases, advisories, press kits, press conferences, one-on-one meetings, features, articles, seminars and media events. 


Marketing Communications

Today, any organization's success relies on how well it communicates with different audiences. Effective corporate communication goes well beyond just enhancing corporate reputation and building brand equity. At Zain, we help our clients identify and understand their audiences by utilizing different innovative tools to reach the desired objectives. Our Services include:

  • Product launches and campaigns, incorporating materials, media relations, analyst relations and communications with other key audiences.
  • Sales-force communications, ranging from brochures and kits to white papers and ad copy
  • Event-marketing management
  • Creative services for marketing collateral, from print material to Power Points and Web-site content


Community Relations

We believe in two-way communication between client organizations and the communities they operate in. We work with clients to ensure their active participation within the greater community in order to build bridges between the organization and its many stakeholders.





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